lois palframan


Parents went to Leeds Art College where they became evangelical christian missionaries. My life is influenced by my reaction to religion through art, and early experience of music. Always drawn, becoming more refined into markmaking by a process of improvisation. Degree in Environmental Science;poetry;ecologist;degree in Art; MA in Art 2003, Leeds Met. University. Scholarship to study philosophy (International Society for Philosophers);some languages; teaching; permaculture.

I made many artists books entirely of drawings (post-conceptual)- these are in international exhibitions and collections including Tate Library. Work in many solo and group exhibitions including often in Cupola Gallery, Sheffield; residencies including in Art House Wakefield; artists talks.

For the last 2 years with some of the finest improvising musicians producing audiovisual concerts (Iklectik, London and Access, Sheffield) playing and vocalising the drawings.

2019 Making Ways grant from Sheffield Culture Consortium.

Now living at Unstone Grange, rural retreat.  


 learning/improvisation in the moment. people, no fixed ideas. learning to read in the now. no symbolism. inventive, creative in the moment, embodied.  performance. 

vocalising the improvised drawings and singing the landscape i.e. reading the lines and shapes as a score. voice painting, only connecting.    minimal marks, closest to spiritual; philosophy of perception...

reading:- Michel Serres, Raymond MacDonald, Tiqqun, Fred Wah, Dave Brubeck, Livy, Wagner, Fourdrinier, Feldman, Attali, NewMusic show, Bayo Akomolafe, Freeness, Irigaray, Marder, John and Alice Coltrane, Verdi, Part, Bach, Sloterdijk, Judith Weir, Ahmad Jamal, Bernini, Griselda Pollock, Iyengar, Damo Mitchell, Improvnotes, Margaret Forster, Mozart, Mussorgsky, Ravel, Alison Stone,...

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