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vocalisation 29.6.20 lois
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vocalisation 17.8.20 lois
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vocalisation 27.7.20 lois
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vocalisation 12.10.20 lois
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vocalisation 13.7.20 lois
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form of bamboo 25.3.24lois
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lois vocalising university arms 2024 march.jpg



where algae meets bright white of future, is blurred.  = algae

some delicate lines. Brown ceiling and floor, future space empty with faint small yellow = January 2024

black-brown, no cross. great form, even a gap and a curve = wood

brown mostly verticals, some horizontals reading upwards from left to right, the rest blank.= city  

lichen= nature imitating art, again. brush marks of striations horizontal yellow-orange brown. yet the lichen was pale blue-green. Dies are often different to the originals. Lik-en as in like-en give me a break. 

daffodil= Almost too bright to look at. Her self. A very ordinary house in Findon Valley with very ordinary furniture. She stood. Transfigured. Now I'm 63 the numbers are important. 2 came back evidently. I won't read the book. I won't see the 2 museums of horrors in Vilnius. I stamp my foot. First class. 


sea coal= dark so dark brown almost black. But there was a nice conversation how her dad used to find it on the beach, wrap it in paper and burn it for warmth. 


sea weed= the canvas board from China is slightly deformed. but it looks like white skyscrapers and coming down incredibly delicate strands of eastern greenery.  

stone= stone will never be the same since I saw that pornography. Damn the makers, not the actors. Damn those who support it. 


sand= lovely orange brown. a bit of a worm or snake poking his head up.


algae= blinded by the green into the present. not the last I did. not either algie met a bear. nor angie. sorry a million sorries though that will never do. 


mud on water= Crikey what a mess. Don't even look on the other side. But I did. No. It's not mud on water its incredibly interesting and complex to say the least. Saying the least.   


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